Billet Families

The Scouts are committed to developing and maintaining a billet program that is second to none.

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Carolyn Maddox:

As A Billet You Will Provide:


- A Safe and Comfortable Living Space

a dedicated bedroom with a bed, desk, and dresser or closet.


- Physical Nourishment

three nutritious meals a day, seven days a week (elite players must have access to the proper fuel for their performance!)


- Social Interaction

host families should treat the player as part of their family and integrate them into their family/life as much as possible (i.e. trips, activities, meals, etc.)


- Monthly Financial Compensation

to cover added food and utility costs.


- A Rewarding Experience

with memories and a connection that can last a lifetime!


We will work to match each player’s personality and background with the most appropriate billet home.

Furthermore, each potential billet family is carefully screened and presented with our team’s expectations of the family.

Personal visits will be done throughout the year to ensure that both the player and the host family are meeting those expectations and guidelines.